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Flying in weightlessness

Flights in an airplane-lab IL-76 are carried out at the airfield «Chkalovsky», which is located near Moscow. The flights are operated year-round, from Monday to Friday.

Flight scheme is shown below: 


During one flight there are ten time of rises and declines during which the weightlessness is created. Usually weightlessness lasts 25-30 seconds. It should be noted that during increase of height to the upper point of the parabola, all participants inside the airplane fall under short-term overload of 2 G within 15 seconds

The program of the tour includes: 

  • preflight briefing   

  • body check                       

  • transfer to “Chkalovsky” airfield

  • pre-training on board of the IL-76 MDK airplane

  • flights of the implementation of 10 zero-gravity conditions

  • ceremonial presentation of registered commemorative certificates

zero7.jpg  zero8.jpg

Additionally, the following services are available: 

  • transfer from the place of accommodation to the airport and back   

  • hotel accommodation

  • gift sets

  • nominal flight suit

  • professional photo and video shooting of Clients flights

  • excursion program in the Cosmonaut Training Center

  • program of individual space training in the Cosmonaut Training Center 

zero6.jpg  zero5.jpg

Requirements for participants: 

  • age of 18 years and older

  • blood pressure not above 155

  • absence of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system

  • absence of disease of the nervous system

  • absence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system

  • absence of sinusitis

zero4.jpg  zero2.jpg

zero3.jpg  zero1.jpg


The order of registration 

Applications for the program are accepted not later than 14 days before the flight date (for Russian citizens) and 45 days (for foreign citizens).

Clients must provide passport data of all participants in the program according to the approved form: 

A group of up to 14 people can take a flight in weightlessness.

Before making a decision about the flight, please consult your doctor with the results of the health survey (please, look at the file "medical certificate" in the section "Documents" on our website) during getting of medical examination in the day of the flight. The final decision on the admission to the flight for medical reasons should be taken by specialist from Pilot Medical Commission.

Before carrying out the flight, all participants are required to sign an agreement on the release from liability.