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Excursions to the park "Patriot"

Park of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is located near Moscow and covers 5414 hectares.


The largest museum of tanks in the world. Today its collection includes more than 350 units of armored vehicles from 14 countries around the world, about 60 of them exist in a single copy. Many examples of military equipment are in in a good condition and every weekend they participate in dynamic shows, as well as in historical reconstructions. The museum has 7 covered exhibition pavilions, in which there are shown introductory overview and detailed thematic tours. Museum Square - more than 12 hectares.

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Congress and Exhibition Center

Multi-specialty center designed for social, political and cultural events, exhibitions of prospective and modern military equipment.

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Sector of Military-industrial complex 

This sector allows to carry out in the park exhibitions, salons and conference, which show the latest achievements in military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation and the openness of the domestic market in Russia for joint projects with foreign partners. Access to the area is limited. The cluster is only open to professionals and businessmen, providing a unique opportunity to establish multi-level contacts, the further development of industrial cooperation and the search for new business partners. 

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Congress Centre

It is three-storeyed building equipped with everything necessary facilities for large events, conferences, meetings and summits. Its total area - 3782 sq.m. In the Center there is all the necessary office equipment: computers, printers, fax machines, telephones. Wireless Internet is available on all floors.Halls and meeting rooms are equipped with multimedia and other means in various fields. The instrument room allows the operator to control the broadcasting content on all screens, including the external media facades size 125x10 meters. 

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Area for reconstruction events 

It involves several zones of reconstructions, divided by the Great Wars, in which Russia took part in its history: Patriotic War of 1812 against Napoleon, the First World War in 1914 – 1918 and the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945. All thematic areas are equipped with colorful decorations, engineering works, museums, interactive platforms. It is planned to spend about 10 military-historical reconstructions events per year, with participants up to 500 people, cavalry, artillery, armored vehicles and aircrafts. In the Park area of reconstruction there is a possibility to carry out interactive events with the use of lasers or idler weapons by Park visitors.

For the registered tourists and the companies we on their request organize reconstruction events with military actors and stuntmen involving both historical technics and without it. Clients only need to send an application and specify the desired time, the number of spectators and participants (if visitors wish to take a personal part) and choose a weapon to be used in the event. 

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Guerrilla village 

An unique complex, displaying the practice and the life of a large partisan group during the Great Patriotic War. It includes staff dugouts, shelters, medical center, armory. A visitor here can see not only how the partisans lived, but also how they fought against enemy: periodically in the park "Patriot" there will be organized historical reconstruction of their operations.

The program of Patriotic Cognitive Project - "Guerrilla village", - includes a visit and a view of facilities of the complex as a whole and as well as a detailed examination of each scene, accompanied by a guide, who will talk particularly about the history of the partisan movement, the legendary guerrillas fighters and their exploits, as well as about life and practice of partisan groups.

The duration of the excursion is 75 minutes.

There are provided thematic excursions, designed for different categories of visitors. For tourists who want to get the additional services, we can offer the following events in Partisan village – from the real lunch of partisan during the period of Great Patriotic War up to passing the night in partisan’s dugouts and training a course as the diversionist.

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Sector of Aerospace Force

In the sector of outdoor areas there are exhibited more than 268 samples of the Soviet and Russian aircraft, armored, armored vehicles and special equipment of the last decades. The 14 indoor halls (total area of 24 000 sq.m.), located in the sector, include an exhibition of the Central Museum of armored vehicles, an exhibition of 12th Main Headquarters of Russian Defense Ministry, Airborne troops, Air Force, Air Defense troops and Space Force of Air and Space Forces.

At present, the following exhibitions are open and welcome visitors:

  • The exposition "Echo of War".

  • The exposition "Atoms for Motherland".

  • The exposition "History of the Air Force" Expositions from Central Military District and Air Defense.

  • The exposition "Space Force: Through thorns to the stars".

  • The exposition "History of the Airborne troops" and "Airborne troops in armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations".

  • The exposition "Arise, Great Country!" The exposition "Stalingrad".

  • The exposition "Fire Arc".

  • The exposition "Liberation"

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Center of military and tactical games 

It is a versatile training complex with area of over 27 hectares for testing elements of combat training of the Armed Forces units. The Center also serves as a playing field for sports events, training and competition for airsoft, fire tag and laser tag.

Facility of New Park can be divided into three zones: a covered, a forested and a sporting Currently, on the covered area, that is more than 5000 square meters, was built playground that simulates an entire floor of a multistory residential building, which is designed for testing military operations in urban environments.

In perspective, it is planned to establish training facilities, which will simulate the low-rise buildings. In the forest zone there is deployed a special training ground for testing elements of warfare in a wooded area, and survival skills. On the territory of the Center’s third area there is a three-tiered rope town, which is difficult to pass without special skills, as well as a multipurpose sports field for football matches, basketball and other team sports. 

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Representation of the exhibition "motomire" (“motor world”)

After visiting the exhibition of the legendary martial motorcycles of the period of World War II named "motomire", the visitor can learn many interesting facts about motorcycles & engines construction and consultants guides will tell legends connected with the real exhibits. All exhibits are genuine, some specimen the visitor will not see on any show in the world.

If desired, the visitors of the exhibition can make a "fast ride" on some motorcycles and, of course, be photographed. 

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