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Flights on the fighter MiG-29

Flights by MiG-29 are fulfilled in Nizhny Novgorod-city, at the airport of the local aircraft manufacturing plant. The flight program is to be carried out during 1 day, but the Client must reserve a trip for 2 days because of the possibility of objective reasons there can be some change of flight time. During one flight day there are usually done no more than two flights, so if the Clients have the plans to organize a tour groups of more than two people, the time of group staying there should be increased. 

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Basic requirements to the participants of the flight:

Age restrictions:

- Persons are allowed to fly at least 18 years old;

Requirements for medical reasons:

- absence of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system;

- absence of diseases of the nervous system;

- absence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

- absence of sinusitis.

Requirements for the anthropometric data:

- body height not higher than 2 meters;

- body weight not exceeding 130 kg.


Tour’s program: 

  1. Arriving in Nizhny Novgorod. Transfer.

  2. Transfer to the airport NAZ "Sokol".

  3. Acquaitance with a test pilot. Working out of the flight program. Preflight briefing. Medical checkup. Training on the catapult technics. Inside the airplane getting instructions on controls instruments, safety and the rules of behavior in emergency situations.

  4. Flying on the MiG - 29 UB with the implementation of the certain flight task.

  5. Debriefing. Presentation of the commemorative certificate on the implementation of the flight.

  6. Transfer from the airfield to the city.

  7. Dinner.

  8. Transfer to the Airport / Railway Station.

On request of the Clients we can arrange additional excursions or services: 

  • Accommodation in hotels of Nizhny Novgorod;

  • Visit to museums and attractions

  • Tailoring of a nominal training suit for flights.

  • Photos and video of the Client’s flight with the creation of the film on DVD.

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The order of registration: 

  1. Applications for the program are accepted not later than 60 days before the program start date. It is necessary to provide passport information and copies of the passports of all participants in the program and profiles of participants and flight attendants according to the approved form.
  2. The flight are carried out on weekdays.
  3. Flight participants are checked up through a medical examination. As a result of the medical examination, participants receive access to fly on MIG-29 for medical reasons.
  4. Payments under the agreement on the organization of the flight must be made by 100% advance payment, no later than 20 days before the start of the program.

Samples of documents for the flight registration here

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Flight program 
Price, $
High Aerobatics (duration 25 minutes) 
High Aerobatics (duration 45 minutes)
Flight into the stratosphere + High Aerobatics (duration 45 minutes) 18500