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Excursions in the "Diamond Fund"

Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation in structure of “Gokhran” is located in the Moscow Kremlin. Among its exhibits are presented the most valuable exhibits of jewelry art XVIII-XX centuries, rare precious stones, ornaments of the royal family, collected over many generations, nuggets of precious metals, as well as works by contemporary master-hands, whose works are considered masterpieces of the jeweler's art.

Excursions to the Diamond Fund earned high demand on the part of visitors and residents. 

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The pearl of the collection of the Diamond Fund is a Great Imperial Crown, made by court jeweler Georg Friedrich Eckart and diamond craftsmen Jeremiah Posier in just two months. Корону Crown of the Russian Empire are decorated by 4936 diamonds with total weight of 2858 carats and 75 major Indian matte pearls. Crown amazes with flawless work and perfection of line.

A worthy place among the most famous diamonds of the world takes "Count Orlov", weighing 189.62 carats, crowning royal scepter, which is also represented in this museum.

Visiting the Diamond Fund, a comer can see the largest gold nugget in the world, weighing 36 kg, which is called the "Big Triangle".

And many other unique items from the collection of Gokhran Russia. 

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